An avid romance reader since her teens, Lydia was at times left frustrated by the actions of somebody else’s characters. She decided to write just so she could steer that boat herself, an author was born out of frustration, in a way.

A linguistics major, Lydia is a Ph.D. program dropout with aspirations to one day come back and graduate. While waiting on that day to arrive (20 years and counting), she manages projects in exchange for money. She analyses data like nobody’s business and can build a mean pie chart.  

A recent transplant to the D.C. area, Lydia enjoys all the capital has to offer while pining for the sunny Florida that she called home for almost 20 years. Lydia lives with her husband, two of her three children (they grow up too fast), and soon, hopefully, a cat (TBD – check back for pictures). She likes to cook, go on long runs, and is an enthusiastic, if not a particularly gifted, home decorator. She also writes.

Lydia Hope is a pen name that pays tribute to her two late grandmothers, Lydia and Hope.

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