May Updates

I want to start this update like I want to start every other post: by thanking my readers for their interest in my writing, and for the kind words you leave for me by way of reviews or messages. I receive and read every one. They make my day, and I always end up feeling uplifted and humbled. It’s such a great way to feel. I do write for myself. But I also write for you. Stories can’t exist by themselves; stories are meant to be told, and I am grateful that you listen, that you share willingly whatever journey my imagination takes.

Yesterday, I finished the Planet Zero manuscript. Admittedly, I had thought I’d finish sooner, but life has a way of interfering with the best-laid plans. Nevertheless, I got my poorly-organized ass in gear and clocked at 125K words. Whoo. Hoo. But the work isn’t done – they don’t call the first draft a “vomit draft” for nothing. This Frankenstein creation needs a lot of polishing before it resembles a book that’s reader-ready.

Much as I love Planet Zero and its characters that struggle so mightily to find happiness in each other’s arms, now that their story is over with (for me), my mind is hopping ahead in a non-linear pattern. I do have another story to tell. I do! I had said before that I was done with Homebound, but now I feel like I’m ready to revisit that world. To add closure.

No, it will not be a Gemma/Simon story – they’ve had their moment to shine. But we’ll get a small glimpse of their ever-after. They (Simon, specifically) may even play an important background role in setting in motion the events of this new book – who knows? Well, I do. The storyline is so clear in my head!

It’s going to be Cricket’s story, and it takes place several years after she left Earth for Meeus thanks to the passage chip that Simon got for Gemma, and that Gemma gave to Ruby, Cricket’s mother. Cricket lives on Meeus and works at a medical lab processing blood tests and other bodily samples. She is saving every penny to have her mother join her on Meeus. After years of scrimping, not much longer now.

Meeus is a great place to live. Humans did a good job. They’ve learned their lessons from their millennia of experience on Earth and applied it properly. Meeus is clean, and life there is organized just like humans always wanted. People have everything. Every need is anticipated and fulfilled. Cricket should be happy, but deep down, she struggles. Everything is too perfect.

The hospital where she works hosts an intergalactic medical symposium where every planet sends a delegate. To everyone’s surprise, the Rix nation sends one too. None of it matters to Cricket who has nothing to do with medical research, except one day she is called upon to share with the alien guests her experiences of life on Earth. Cricket meets the Rix delegate, and she’s underwhelmed. She’s heard about Simon from Ruby, and this one looks nothing like she imagined a great Rix defender would. A little heavy, slightly awkward, with sleek feminine hair and a puckered scarred upper lip, he has merry, twinkling eyes. A fierce warrior? A hulking brute? Hmm. She must’ve misunderstood.

Cricket, fluent in Universal, is relied upon to act as a tour guide for the delegates. She likes the opportunity to interact with them. The Rix alien is cute in a non-threatening, teddy-bear, favorite-uncle kind of way. He smiles endearingly and looks at her earnestly. He talks to her, asks questions. And he listens. The more she gets to know him, the more she becomes convinced that his probing interest has a point. His twinkling eyes bely a laser-sharp focus. His lazy manner conceals shark’s instincts. His chubby body bears serious battle scars. This klutzy, slow-moving man has a quicksilver past… and a mission.

9 thoughts on “May Updates

  1. Hi. Thank you for the wonderful creations you’ve done! I’m literally squeaking with the news of finished work and prospect of new story in Homebound universe. I can’t wait! You are a superstar!


  2. Another Rix alien story?? YES!! CANNOT WAIT. Thank you so much and all the best with those 125k words. I’ll be checking in again. xxx


  3. Best news ever! I literally squee’d when I checked my inbox to see an email update from you! First off, congratulations for finishing your first draft of Planet Zero! And good luck on all the edits and polishing.

    I also triple everyone’s excitement about Cricket’s story. I would have loved an epilogue or paragraph about Simon and Gemma but I totally understand your feelings about their story being completed and them having their moment to shine. I feel like we’ll say the same things for Cricket and her story as well, haha. It’s always so hard saying goodbye to our characters.

    I know you’re not even finished with Planet Zero yet but I am fascinated and cannot wait for Cricket’s story. I kinda want to beat up Zeke if he shows his face, even if he helped Cricket out… but yes, you’ve got me hooked already. Poor Simon had a lot of responsibility and tragedy, so I’m cannot wait to see a cute, non-threatening Rix. How does he differ from Simon and the rest of the Rix? What is his mission? How does one slow moving be klutzy at the same time? Hahaha, so many questions already!

    My one brag would be that I recommended Homebound to author Ann Aguirre on her Facebook group page and she actually read it! She said the story was a little darker than she expected because she thought it was going to be a lighthearted alien story. Oops. That’s probably my fault for not selling it well, but I’m working on it.

    On another note, I absolutely loved Coco, Cade and the rest of the crazy fam from A Family Affair as well. I’m not the smartest cookie in the pot, so it took me until almost the very end before Coco’s reveal for everything to click into place, but hot damn, this was my face for the rest of the book: 😱. And a lot of ‘…wait. No way. No wayyyy. OMG!’ It was late when I finished the book but you can bet I took a quick bathroom break, refilled my water and then sat down for another six hours to re-read the book knowing the ending and looking for all the pieces. It. Was. SO. Good!

    I absolutely love your writing and the stories you tell so I will try to wait patiently for more books to devour—ahem, read. 🙂


  4. OMG I’m so excited for both of these stories! Time can’t move fast enough. I just reread Homebound for like the fifth time the other day, and it never gets old, so I can’t wait to see what the next book brings


  5. I am still so looking forward to this story!! I also hope to get a peek at Simon and Gemma’s Happily Ever after.


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