A brief update

Hello, friends!

Aiming at October 1st with Planet Zero release. Been a long time coming, and frankly, I’m ready to move on.

And moving right on to writing what I have dubbed Rix Universe Book 2. I already let it be known that Book 2 is Cricket’s book plus a certain tortured Rix hero. The hero’s (nick)name is Lyle and the book’s working title is “Sky Song.”

That’s all I have. Thanks for reading! Cheers.

9 thoughts on “A brief update

  1. Hi Lydia,(I know this is your pen name which is lovely to use family members names)

    Super excited to read your next work.

    I’m super picky and the scifi romance genre has grown exponentially recently (which is good) However it also means the quality can be hit and miss.

    I find myself grabbing books on Kindle reading the first chapter having a not for me moment and returning it.

    It is so fresh to find an author the grabs my interest so much I need to read it any moment I get a break from work and the kids.

    Us avid readers can be a pain as we want more and plenty of it quickly. I must say I’m excited but it’s all the sweeter for the wait!!


  2. So excited to know about new Rix Book! But now I’m off to read Planet Zero. Today Australian Amazon shows Planet Zero on 25th Best Sellers in Science Fiction Romance!


  3. Hey. Just finished with planet zero book. Loved it so much!! Please write book 2, I wanna know what’s gonna happen whit Addie and Zoark + baby!!!
    I’m so hooked!!


  4. Planet Zero is good. Great even. But Homebound is everything. And Gemma and Simon’s story is by no means done. Simon and Gemma never even had a conversation where you felt like anything was resolved or like any loop had been closed. And it’s not lost on me that the title is Homebound and we never even see them make it to any literal home. It’s like someone telling the story of a road trip from New York to California and saying “the end” just as they get to Georgia. Also, I would love to see them “in relationship”. He’s basically comatose the first 60% of the book and on the run the rest of the time. I have no idea who Simon even is and neither does Gemma and she says as much. Again, I can’t say this enough but I got to the end of this story with no sense that they’re even compatible or that they’re even on the same page about anything. Also, can Simon be domesticated? Who’s going to have to compromise who they are and what they believe? Gemma? Or Simon? How would either of them deal with having to have a real conversation when neither of them can run away and aren’t fighting just to survive? Does Gemma’s ankle get fixed? Does she find a place in Rix society? Can she really not get pregnant because their species are incompatible? How old is Simon? Imagine a sequel where we see them “in relationship”, but this time it’s from Simon’s point of view…


  5. Thank you, for writing. I truly enjoy reading your unconventional stories and look forward to reading more of your books as you create them.

    Lorraine H.


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