Coming Very Soon…

Happy New Year, everyone!

I just opened Instagram, and every person with a house I follow already removed every trace of Christmas and decked out their interiors with red hearts. Much as I’m sorry to see the fall/winter season go, I won’t be doing that – there’s only so much rearranging I can handle. Plus, I don’t like red. January also brings to a close the season of birthdays in my family, with everyone celebrating in the August-January timeframe. After the last one, we get a quiet spell to recharge and gather energy (and money) for the next year’s round.

The new year ushers in new resolutions. How’s everyone doing on that front, by the way? Still excited and motivated today? I hope so. Even if some of your ideas don’t come to fruition, it’s good to try, to put forth an effort, to plan. And good luck! My plan is to write another book in 2023. I have ideas, and I’ve started outlining, just not sure where I’m going with it. One, there will be a third book in the Rix Universe. Two, there will be a second book to follow Planet Zero. However, only one can happen this year, and I’m not yet sure which it will be.

The cover for Sky Song is finally here! I really like how subtle it turned out, yet reminiscent of Homebound. That was the idea, at least. 🙂 I’m a bit nervous about this release, actually, because everyone liked Simon and Gemma so much, but Cricket and Lyle are different people, and it wouldn’t be fair to compare them… too closely. Their adventures are no less exciting, and their love story is as touching and full of angst. Of course it is. There are secondary characters that were a lot of fun to write, too. I like writing secondary characters, sometimes more so than the main ones. Because they don’t have to be as multi-faceted as the leads, I typically focus on a particular trait and it amplify it. I will tell you which one is my favorite after the release.

Sky Song will be made available for preorder in a week or so. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Coming Very Soon…

  1. WOW! I can’t wait for it! Two books in Rix Universe and one more in Planet Zero, I’m positively giddy! Happy New Year to all of us!


  2. Really happy!
    I have kept checking your website for news. I honestly don’t mind which Universe you focus on this year.
    Thank you


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